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awesome naruto openingOpeningNaruto openingNaruto OpeningNaruto openingNaruto openingNaruto opening My name is Naruto UzumakiI’m better than Sasuke not because I’m lucky Sakura Haruno si my name I can prove I love Sasuke caus he’s too much cute Sasuke Uchiha here I come I hate this Fan-boy that I become Hinata Hyuga *a little blush” I have on Naruto-kun a crush Neji Hyuga I am soo hot If you lose it is your fault I’m TenTen I’m dreaming away If Neji will be my boyfriend in a day I’m Rock Lee I am the best Plese Gai sensei ,give me a test!!! I’m Kiba,I have a puppy All the people sais that I’m funky* I’m Shino,I’m not smiling Your not allowed to see when I’m laughing I’m Ino, and I’m soo cool I know Sakura that I’m better than you! Choji here caus I’m hungry I don’t want to do the laundry Shikamaru,*Yawn* I see you all brown So, can I sleep now? That's my worls of anime!Enjoy it! Why our world to be only a Black Star?Why not to paint it? Let's paint this world with Red for Love , Yellow for Happyness,Orange for The taste of the life, Pink for Creativity,Blue for Stronness and Green for Nature!!!!!!!
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